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I've had a varied career, mostly as a technical writer for various high-tech firms in eastern Massachusetts, which is my home of origin. I enjoy speculating about many kinds of technical and philosophical concepts far beyond my level of education. I hope this blog will be an opportunity for me to express some of the ideas that have been percolating for years in my mind. I would consider a respectful exchange of ideas to be the ideal result of this effort.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Flotsum and Jetsum

No more walking six miles in a Sharpshooter parade for me. The old hips won't put up with it. These days I use one of those little electric carts they provide in the stores so I won't end up crawling on my hands and knees. What's kind of nice about them though, is that pretty ladies and little kids tend to smile at the old fat guy racing around making 'beep beep' noises. The ladies sometime even offer to get stuff off the high shelves for me. I like that... it passes for a relationship with me. I keep telling myself that there must be some benefit for living this long. I guess I'll have to settle for smiling pretty ladies and kids. Could do worse I guess. They could be smiling funeral directors.


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